Customizing Citrix ICA Client for Mac Classic

This document describes how to configure the Citrix ICA Client software for Macintosh Classic (Mac OS 9.2 and below)

Assistance can be obtained through either your local CSO or the ITS Helpdesk.

Configuring ICA Client … Window Size, Printer and Drive Mapping

  • Go to the 'suitable folder' of where product was installed (by default it will be in your Harddisk => Citrix ICA Client) and click Citrix ICA Client Editor
  • Choose Options => Default Settings
  • Select Window Size of 800x600 or Use Full Screen


  • From the Pull Down menu select Printer Setup
  • Select PostScript Printer and choose Generic Postscript Printer.
  • If the Citrix local printer mapping doesn’t work, you can choose one of the following drivers


1)     Apple LaserWriter II NTX v51.8

2)     Apple LaserWriter v23.0


  • From the Pull Down menu selects Drive Mapping.
  • Against the line C:, click once on each of the Question Marks on the right hand side. They should go away.
  • From the Pull Down menu selects Disk Cache. You may wish to use less than 3% of the drive for disk caching. A few megabytes is appropriate.


  • Now click on Save and then Quit 


The customization has now been completed. You are now ready to access the admin systems through



Setup a unique computer name for a Mac

  • Citrix uses a computer name for local printer mapping. If there is not a computer name defined on a Mac, Citrix will automatically assign a name called “Macintosh ICA Client “by default, then maps a printer called “Macintosh ICA Client#Mac Printer”.  This means that if two or more Mac users connect to a same Citrix server from different Macs without computer name, then Citrix server will be confusing and printer mappings might override each other. Hence, a print job could be sent to anywhere …


  • The solution is that to assign a unique computer name for each Mac which is used for access Admin Systems via Citrix. The computer name can be a user’s name following by a Mac model name, for example “John’s iMac”, whatever as long as it’s unique. Please refer the below for changing computer name,

Apple Menu ==> Control Panels ==> File Sharing


  • Within the Application, press control & option to get the apple menu. This is very useful if you are using ICA with a full screen.
  • Within the Application, holding down the option key whilst clicking on mouse will give you a right mouse button.
  • Within the Application, press control, Apple key & del simultaneously to get to NT Security
  • Within the application, press control & p to print


Last revised:  February 2003  Enterprise Systems Unit, ITS